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Texel rams

Texel rams

Bob and Anne Payne have been breeding Texels since 1982 and have been committed to breed improvement programmes with Signet for 20 years.

Our main aim is to produce quality shearling rams and ram lambs, with good conformation, good growth rates and muscle depth, which will be capable of siring prime lambs for the commercial sheep farmer who needs to command a premium on price.

Through careful selection over the years, we have now reached a point where we are succeeding in achieving greater consistency within the flock and regularly have rams with high EBV's for growth and muscle. Handbank Jack the Lad was selected as a reference sire with Elite Texel Sires in 2003 and again recommended in 2004. To date he has over 350 progeny in England, Wales and Scotland. In addition, we have sold semen from him to breeders in USA, Belgium and Northern Ireland. (Some of his sons are listed in the tables below.)

Normally, we sell our rams mainly at Skipton, Builth Wells and Bakewell, though we also sell a number directly off the farm, and visitors are always welcome to come and view our stock, under no obligation to buy. Most years, we do not set out to sell ram lambs, as commercial farmers prefer the size and scope of shearlings, but if buyers come specifically asking for lambs, we will sell them. (We also have shearling ewes for sale.)

In 2007, Foot and Mouth prevented many sales from taking place, but for anyone interested in buying from us, once selected, we agreed to keep the ram for them till movement restrictions were lifted. The following tables give information about each individual shearling ram which was sold last year.

For information of rams for sale this year, 2008, please go to our new web-site, www.handbanktexels,co.uk

ID Sire Birth Type Actual
Bwk wt
Scn wt
Mus dp
Fat dp
Index Genotype
PRH06490 Handbank Jack The Lad 03.03.06 Single 30.1mm 4.25 8.73 2.1 -0.51 332 ARR/ARH Sold
PRH06446 Wealden Ken Hill 15.02.06 Twin 32 5.67 12.65 2.41 0.97 296 ARR/ARR Sold
PRH06460 Handbank Kilwillie 16.02.06 Single 31.9 5.44 11.12 1.41 1.34 252 ARR/ARR Sold
PRH06452 Callerton Lawman 2 16.02.06 Twin 35.1 3.92 7.84 4.34 -0.39 283 ARR/ARR Sold
PRH06488 Handbank Kilwillie 03.03.06 Twin 31 5.48 10.46 2.46 0.97 278 ARR/ARR Sold
PRH06511 Handbank Kestrel 10.03.06 Twin 28.3 3.99 8.61 2.54 0.28 270 ARR/ARR Sold
PRH06500 Handbank Jack the Lad 06.03.06 Twin 35.7 3.85 7.15 4.35 0.55 264 ARR/ARR Sold
PRH06450 Handbank Kilwillie 15.02.06 Single 33.3 3.41 6.38 2.56 0.34 226 ARR/ARQ Sold
PRH06425 Callerton Lawman 2 12.02.06 Single 32 3.15 7.3 3.41 -0.07 267 ARR/ARR Sold
PRH06476 Callerton Lawman 2 17.02.06 Twin 29 3.78 7.94 3.29 -0.2 287 ARR/ARH Sold
PRH06514 Handbank Kilwillie 18.03.06 Twin 33.5 3.69 7.84 2.46 0.29 256 ARR/ARR Sold
PRH06520 Handbank Kilwillie 23.04.06 Twin 28.7 3.93 7.91 2.3 0.08 265 ARR/ARR Sold
PRH06449 Handbank Kitchener 15.02.06 Single 33.6 4.10 9.06 4.25 -0.23 268 ARR/ARH Sold