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Texel Rams

Q: Can we come and see your stock?

Visitors are always welcome, though we would prefer people to let us know in advance rather than just turn up without notice. People are welcome to come and look, without fear of pressure to buy.

Q: How hardy are Texels, and what sort of conditions will they survive in?

Texels originate from the Island of Texel on the west coast of Holland, where they are used to being buffeted by the winds and weathers of the North Sea, so they are able to adapt reasonably well to exposed conditions.

Q: How high is your farm and what are the soil conditions?

We farm at between 800 and 950 feet above sea level, on heavy clay soil.  In a normal year, we would have little grass for the ewes on turn-out until early-mid April, and the grass stops growing around mid-late October.

Q: What other enterprises do you have?

None, we just have our flock of pedigree Texels now, but used to have a small suckler herd of South Devons which we sold just before the FMD outbreak of 2001.

Q: What sires have you used this year and why?

In the absence of any markets, we have been unable to buy a ram this year and have used frozen straws of semen from three different tups, all of whom had good EBV's for growth rate, muscle depth and muscularity.

They are: East Middle le Coq d'Or, Wollascott Maestro 2 and Lumbylaw Madras. In addition, we have put a few ewes with three tups of our own breeding: Handbank Jack the Lad (out of Alwent Flint), Handbank Kilwillie (out of Lindstair Jubilation) and Handbank Kestrel (out of Llanferres Ifor), and these will be used as sweepers for the AI groups.