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Suffolk Rams

Q: Are the lambs by AI or natural service?

All ewes are AI'd using predominantly bought in semen from high EBV rams or from rams which are seen to have exceptional conformation though may not be recorded. Ideally we source rams which have both.

Q: Are you open to visitors?

Visitors are always welcome. Click on the contacts page and give us a call!

Q: How high is the farm?

Garfield House Farm stands on land which runs between 650 ft and 1000 ft above sea level. It is all grassland and extends to 240 acres with approx 50 acres rough pasture in ESA.

Q: What other enterprises are there?

We have 70 suckler cows being Belgian Blue x and Limousin x which are then crossed with Limousin and Belgian Blue bulls respectively. The cows calve April/May and are sold as stores at 10-12 months of age.

Q: What stock rams are on the farm?

The flock bred a lamb in 2005 which was selected for use within the Suffolk Sire Reference scheme. He is on the farm naturally and is used to sweep most of the ewes following AI. His EBV at scan weight was 11.38 and he has an overall index of 371.